It's almost fall! It seems like people start clamoring for pumpkin spice as soon as there's a hint of crispness in the air (per The Boston Globe). Consumers impatiently wait for the release of their favorite items, and according to Study Finds, autumn is the season that most people associate with their favorite seasonal foods. In addition to pumpkin spice, there are apple pie and apple cider-inspired flavors, plus some pecan praline items making their appearance in a nod to Thanksgiving's beloved pie (via Study Finds). Not all seasonal items are sweets, of course. A number of fast food joints make sandwiches with turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, plus a bit of cranberry sauce for good measure (so does Wawa).  mcdvoice survey tellthebell survey krogerfeedback survey talktowendys survey panda express feedback survey survey dgcustomerfirst survey tellculvers com survey www jacklistens com survey survey talktostopandshop survey Fall hasn't totally cornered the market on seasonal love, though. Christmas is no slouch when it comes to nostalgic treats. While there's peppermint-flavored everything at Christmastime, hot chocolate also makes its grand appearance in winter — and it's hard to beat hot chocolate for cold-weather beverage satisfaction. Egg nog never takes the top spot, but it has a loyal fan base (per Wide Open Eats). Overall, fall and winter flavors are hard to beat, but there's one specific seasonal fast-food item that people wish they could enjoy year-round.

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