Our service is bespoke and unique in the fact that we have embraced modern technology to distribute our guides both via our iPad apps and Mobile Apps. We create custom print work due to seasonal events that are carefully designed to maximise the effect of our marketing.

We also have a general overall database that allows us to connect with over 1 million people who have subscribed to wanting a guide and have also opted there choices. The fact they have opted in too the favourite categories then allows us to split the database into a number of different groups and target them specifically with guides they will find entertaining.

One feature we are currently testing our personal TV guides as of 2017. This are printed once a month for our premium subscribers that have all conducted and filled in a research from to allow us to track their viewing habits and then we can specifically target them with hand chooses shows. This adds great quality for the older generation who may not have heard of some modern series or perhaps they just overlook them and stick to what they know.

If you have any more questions about our services please contact us via the contact us page.