Why is our guide the best?

With close to 1 Million Subscribers, some people who have missed out on the last issues may wonder what all the fuss is about?

Personal Monthly Issues

We issue out standard guides once a week. However, once subscribed we will issue you a personal version with shows we think you would like based on your current watch history. These come Once a month.

Exclusive Interviews and Insight.

As we are one one of the UKs most subscribed television guide we have attracted the attention of famous people all over the world. This allows us to reach out and gain exlusive content just for you.

Discounts and Coupons

Of course we like to offer out customers the chance to gain from using our service, that is why our guide is packed with the latest deals and one off discounts that can only be found in our guide.

Welcome to the TuesdayGuide. We are digital guide that distribute bespoke guides for a number of online tv/video channels. Our purpose is simple to bring people that have opted in to our list to the right TV channels. With over 750,000 subscribers that have stated there interests and what they would like to watch.

This allows us to specifically target the ones that would like to see your videos and shows meaning you and your channel get more recognition. There is no need to worry about any form of security issue with the data we have. Our offices are secure at all times. Every member of staff needs to be wearing there lanyard and ID card at all times. These lanyards were produced for us by a company called Lesar.co.uk. You can see there level of service at there web page http://www.lesar.co.uk/lanyards .

Our building is also controlled by a access control system. This system is state of the art and controls who enters which part of the building. They can only pass into certain areas of the building if they scan there card which will be pre programmed by management to manage the system. We used Lesar again for this service as they are specialists in anything in Identification. You can see there access control system and paxton access fobs on there website.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any more information.

Meet the magic...

Behind the scenes we have many important people playing massive roles, here is just a few we would like you to meet.


Market Researcher

Always ready to take on a challenge, Jam has been with us for 12 years.



Marketing Specialist

Enjoys long walks on the beach and a cold can of cheap cola. Luke has a keen eye for all things advertising.



Graphic Designer

Claims to be the 21st century Picasso but really he learnt from YouTube tutorials.



Lead Developer

The man himself, Joe ensures that no one slacks in the office and is always on point. Fear him.

What subscribers say...

Just a few comments from our beloved clients.
Azeeba Khan

Azeeba Khan


"Great stuff, the personal issue is what i really love. After filling in a questionnaire online that look less than 5 minuets they now recommend some awesome shows!"

Carol Pamella Jones

Carol Pamella Jones

Independent Artist

"Some people call it old fashioned, but TuesdayGuide is not just about whats on the week on television, it has great gossib and insider knowledge which i love!"

Andy Kenburg

Andy Kenburg

Community Football Leader

"There is nothing I enjoy mroe than being able to come home at a certain time, knowing my favourite show will be on. Tuesday guide makes this so much easier..."


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